AngularJS Training Institute In Mumbai | Angular Training Course Mumbai

AngularJS Training Institute In Mumbai

Best Angularjs training institute in mumbai. Also learn NodeJS, MongoDB and many more.

Angularjs Nodejs Training In Mumbai Thane

TryCatch Classes is the leading institute for AngularJS Training in Mumbai. We provide the following:


1. AngularJS Certification.

2. AngularJS Live Project Training.

3. AngularJS Online Tutorials.

4. AngularJS Placement Training.


The content of AngularJS training in Mumbai course is as below:

Course Schedule for AngularJS

(4 weeks)




Session 1 Introduction to Angular JS Introduction to angular repo. and features. How to set up angular js on webpage.
Session 2 Expression Introduction to angular js expression , and how to use in webpage
Session 3 Data-Binding How to Bind varibale and data with angularjs model and talking to controller
Session 4 Model-View-Controller Use of angular js controller and use MVC model in angular js webpage.
Session 5 Directives Use of angular js directives. And how to use angular js directives in webpage. Like: ng-init, ng-model, ng-repeat, ng-app etc.
Session 6 Filter
Use of angular js filter in html webpage. Example : currency filter, lowercase, orderBy, uppercase etc.
Session 7 AngularJS Http Request.
Angular js http request and handle response, All get, post, put, delete request and cross domain http request in angular js.
Session 8 AngularJS DOM
Handle HTML DOM element with angular js. And handle DOM properties in angular js.
Session 9 Events
Manage Angular js events on HTML DOM . Like ng-click, ng-change, ng-hide, ng-show.
Session 10 Modules
Understand how to work angular modules in webapp and how to talk controller and module to each other
Session 11 AngularJS Form
Understand form handling in angularjs, form validation and form submission.
Session 12 Include
How to include external files in angularjs webpage. Server side includes, Html file includes, javascript side includes.
Session 13  SQL Post data to server using angular js and handle response. Show all response result in angular js table.
Session 14 Projects Work on Live Projects.
Session 15 Software Project Make another project with us.
Session 16  Placement Training Preparing for interview questions and training for your corporate life.
Total Training Hrs  30
Total Training Period  4 weeks


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AngularJS Training Institute In Mumbai

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Best AngularJs Training Institute In Mumbai

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