Advanced Excel Training Course in Mumbai

Advanced Excel Training Course in Mumbai | Course in Advance Excel

Best Advanced Excel training course in Mumbai. At TryCatch Classes, we provide purely practical and hands-on training in Advanced Excel course. Moreover, we also make sure that you get experience to directly work on industry projects in companies. Hence, you should stop wasting time and do come visit the best training institute in Mumbai for Excel training.

Advanced Excel Training Course in Mumbai


Get Trained from Industry Experts

TryCatch Classes has conducted 850+ Corporate Training and Trained more than 18,500+ Professionals on Advanced Excel, VBA Macros, PowerPoint & Ms Office in India & International both. With our MicroSoft Excel Training in Mumbai you’ll learn concepts in expert level with practical manner.

Additionally, you will gain an insight into data tables and using excel advanced look up features to automate worksheets and analysis tools to forecast figures based on a range of scenarios and use consolidation to bring together information. Find out how you can utilise advanced ‘If’ statements.



Advance Excel training course in Mumbai for Data Analytics is a Job Oriented Course designed to meet the job requirement of Freshers and Experienced professionals. The course is aimed at fairly experienced Excel users who wants to learn more complex functions, nesting, data manipulation and protect data using the security features. People from different fields require Advanced Excel skills. So you can attend this course if you are:

  1. Sales,HR & Finance Professionals.
  2. Senior corporate executives.
  3. Statistics and Mathematics Students.


Job Opportunity for MS Excel

Excel opportunities are evergreen in market. Every Industry requires professionals who can analyse the data and helps in the decision making for the management. There is a huge demand for the MIS operations that deals with analysis of data.



The content of Advanced Excel training course in Mumbai course is as below.

Training Schedule – Advance Excel Training Course in Mumbai

Basic Formula


  • Formulae that Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide.
  • BODMAS/Formula Error Checking.
  • The Sum Function.
Absolute Referencing
  • Problems with Absolute/Relative Cell Referencing.
  • Creating Absolute/Mixed References.
LOOKUP Functions
  • The VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP Functions.
Pivot Tables 
  • Creating, Formatting Simple PivotTables.
  • Page Field in a PivotTable.
  • Formatting a PivotTable.
  • Creating/Modifying a PivotChart.
Logical Functions
  • IFs and Nested IF Functions.
  • Using AND/OR/NOT Functions .
Statistical Functions
  • Using The SUMIF/COUNTIF Functions.
Pivot Tables – Advance
  • Adding new calculated Fields / Items.
  • Changing the Summary Function.
  • Consolidate Pivot table.
LOOKUP Functions – Advance
  • MATCH with VLOOKUP Functions.
  • INDEX & MATCH Functions.
  • OFFSET/ INDIRECT functions.
Logical Functions – Advance
  • If Loop and Nested IF Loop Functions.
  • Using IF/ISERROR Functions.
Chart Data Techniques
  • The Chart Wizard.
  • Chart Types.
  • Adding Title/Legends/Lables.
  • Printing Charts.
  • Adding Data to a Chart.
  • Formatting/Renaming/Deleting Data Series.
  • Changing the Order of Data Series.
Date/Time Functions
  • Using The Today.
  • Now & Date Functions.
  • Using The Datedif/ Networkdays/ Eomonth Functions.
  • The Weeknum Functions.
  • Using The Edate/ Networkdays. Intl/ Weekdays. Intl Functions.
Text Functions Using
  • The Mid/ Search/ Left/ Right Functions.
  • Using The Trim/ Clean/ Upper/ Lower Functions.
  • The Subsitute/ Text Functions.
  • Using The Trim/ Clean/ Proper/ Dollar Function.
  • Input Messages / Error Alerts/ Drop-Down Lists Conditional Formatting.
Advanced Filters
  • Extracting Records with Advanced Filter.
  • Using Formulas In Criteria.
Advanced Sorting
  • Sorting by Top to Bottom / Left to Right.
  • Creating / Deleting Custom List.
  • Sort by using Custom List.
Hyper / Data Linking
  • Hyper linking data, within sheet / workbook.
  • Linking & Updating links between workbooks & application.
Math &
Trigonometry Functions
  • Using SUMPRODUCT Functions.
Summarizing Data
  • Creating Subtotals/Nested Subtotals.
  • SUBTOTALS Formula.
  • Creating/Working with an Automatic/Manual Outline.
  • Grouping / Ungrouping.
  • Consolidating Data with Identical/Different Layout.
Using Auditing Tools
  • Displaying/Removing Dependent & Precedent Arrows.
  • Evaluate Formula – Step IN/ Step Out.
Custom Views
  • Creating Custom Views.
  • Displaying Custom Views.
  • Deleting Custom Views.
Sharing and Protecting
  • Sharing Workbooks & Tracking Changes.
  • Protecting sheets / workbooks / Files.
Importing &
Exporting Data
  • Importing Data from Database/ Text Files/ Web.
  • Exporting Data.
  • Changing External Data Range.
  • Work on different Projects.
Placement Training
  • Preparing for interview questions and training for your corporate life.
Total Training Hrs 22 (2 Hrs/Day).
Batches Weekdays (Morn/Afternoon / Even).



At TryCatch Classes, we provide Certification in Advanced Excel too. You will become a Certified Excel Expert. We provide support in completion of the certification courses offered by Microsoft for every module of MS-Office Suite. There are many certifications available in the market that has its own importance and helps in getting placed in the Top most industries.



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