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Are you looking for the Best Algo Trading Training Institute In Mumbai? TryCatch Classes is the best classes in Borivali, Mumbai. Learn to create Algo Trading Algorithms in Python from experts with private one-on-one classroom Algo Trading training in Mumbai.



In Algo Trading Training you will learn following modules:

    1. Frontend : HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery
    2. Python for Algo Trading
    3. Tornado (Python Web Framework)
    4. Algo Trading from Basic to Advanced



Frontend : HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery

Module 1:
  • Introduction to HTML.
  • HTML and HTML5 tags.
  • Attributes, Heading tags, Paragraphs, Comments, Hyperlinks, Images, Tables, Forms.
  • All CSS and CSS3 properties.
Module 2:
  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Responsive Web Design(RWD) an overview.
  • Downloading and getting started with Bootstrap.
  • Using Bootstrap class.
Module 3:
  • Syntax, Statements ,Comments.
  • Variables, Data Types, Alert, Operators.
  • if…else, loops, switch.
  • Functions, Events, Built-in Objects, Array.
  • Error handling
Module 4:
  • Introduction to jQuery.
  • DOM manipulation with jQuery.
  • jQuery Event.
  • jQuery – Document Traversal.
  • jQuery – Effects
  • jQuery – AJAX

Python for Algo Trading

Module 1:
  • Python and its applications.
  • Installation and configuration.
  • Working with IDLE (Integrated Development & Learning Environment).
  • “Hello World” program.
  • Data Types.
  • Variables.
Module 2:
String manipulation
  • String concatenation.
  • Indexing.
  • Slicing of strings.
  • Typecasting and its applications.
  • Escape character.
  • User inputs.
Module 3:
Data Structures
  • List.
  • Tuple.
  • Differences between lists and tuples.
  • Dictionary.
  • Set.
  • Practical applications of data structures.
Module 4:
Control loops
  • If-else loop.
  • For loop.
  • While loop.
  • Problems based on control loops.
Module 5:
  • Inbuilt functions in Python.
  • Function definition.
  • Function calling.
  • Problems based on functions.
Module 6:
Object Oriented
  • Introduction to object oriented programming design paradigm.
  • Classes and objects.
  • Constructor function.
  • Class variables.
  • Class methods.
  • Static methods.
  • Practical implementation of object oriented programming.
Module 7:
Modules and packages
  • Creation of Python modules.
  • Packages.
  • Installation and usage of pip (package manager).
  • Importing modules.
Module 8:
Exception Handling
  • Introduction to exceptions.
  • Try and except block.
  • ‘Finally’ keyword.
  • User defined exception.
Module 9:
  • Global variables.
  • Local variables.
Module 10:
  • Python Coding Standard.
  • Python Standard Library.
Module 11:
Advanced concepts
  • Lambda functions.
  • Map, filter and reduce.
  • List Comprehensions.
Module 12:
Important Python Libraries
  • Pandas and Numpy.
  • Analyzing datasets in CSV files.

Python Web Framework

  • Introduction to Tornado Framework.
  • Installing Tornado Framework.
  • GET/POST Requests.
  • Web Socket.
  • Storing and Retrieving Data using Redis.
  • Bonus : Responsive Front-end UI Template.

Algo Trading from Basic to Advanced

Module 1:
Introduction on
Zerodha Kite Connect
  • Getting started with Kite Connect.
  • Setting Up Virtual Trading Environment.
  • Installing kite connect python wrapper.
Module 2:
Setting up Trading App and
Establishing Connection
  • Create kite connect Trading app.
  • Establishing Connection and Creating a Trading Object.
  • Introduction to Selenium.
  • Automating request token generation.
  • Automating access token generation.
Module 3:
Key API Calls
  • Getting Historical Data.
  • Placing Orders.
  • Other Useful API Calls.
  • Introduction to Web Socket Streaming.
  • Streaming Tick Data.
Module 4:
Coding and Implementing
Technical Indicators
  • Introduction to Technical Indicators.
  • MACD Overview.
  • MACD Implementation using APIs.
  • Introduction to Bollinger Bands.
  • Bollinger Bands Implementation Using APIs.
  • RSI Overview.
  • RSI Implementation Using APIs.
  • ADX Overview.
  • ADX Implementation in excel.
  • ADX Implementation Using APIs.
  • Supertrend Overview.
  • Supertrend Implementation in excel.
  • Supertrend Implementation Using APIs.
  • Renko Overview.
  • Renko Implementation Using APIs.
Module 5:
Building a Candlestick
Pattern Scanner
  • Introduction to Time Library.
  • Building Pattern Scanner.
  • Back Testing Pattern Scanner Using Historical Data.
  • Implement Pattern Scanner on Live Data.
Module 6:
Designing and Deploying
Strategy on Zerodha Platform
  • Designing and Deploying Strategy.
  • Introduction to Supertrend Strategy.
  • Supertrend Strategy Implementation.
  • Supertrend Strategy Demo.
  • Introduction to ORB Strategy.
  • ORB Strategy Implementation.
  • Square Off Automation.
  • Square Off Demo.
Module 7:
Handling Streaming Tick Data
  • Storing Streaming Data With Sqlite3.
  • Converting Ticks With Candles.
Module 8:
Streaming Tick
Data Based Strategies
  • Introduction to Renko in Real-time.
  • Introduction to Real-time Renko + MACD Strategy.
  • Real-time Renko + MACD Strategy Demo.
Module 9:
Deploying Strategies on Cloud
  • Why Cloud?
  • Launching AWS EC2 Instance.
  • Transferring Files to EC2 Instance.
  • Scheduling/Automating Your Scripts Using Crontab.
  • Shutting Down/Deleting EC2 Instance.

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