Augmented Reality Training in Mumbai

Learn Augmented Reality Training in Mumbai from Scratch in 3 months. TryCatch Classes provides the best Augmented Reality Course in Mumbai, Thane students. We teach Augmented Reality from scratch and provide practical classroom training for augmented reality development course.



  • Best practices in Augmented Reality
  • Understand different forms of Augmented Reality and their applications.
  • Skills to build beautiful real-world Augmented Reality applications from scratch.
  • Understand the basic difference between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.
  • Build 11 Augmented Reality Apps from scratch for Android & iPhone.
  • Learn to use Vuforia to easily detect images on your mobile camera and display 3D models.
  • Students will create AR apps by writing codes in C# programming language.
  • Learn to integrate complex 3D models with your Augmented Reality application.
  • Understand ARCORE development in depth.
  • Place a Life Size Tiger in Real World.
  • Work with APIs, web services and advanced databases like Firebase.
  • Develop a Maze game and test it’s output in real world
  • Upload and Publish your AR apps(android,iPhone,Windows,Linux,Mac) to the Google play and reach millions of android users.

Get a hands on experience of using Unity and a deep understanding of its various features of Augmented Reality with TryCatch’s complete classroom training course.



Augmented Reality Course Content

Module 1:
Introduction to Augmented Reality
  • What is Augmented Reality
  • WHAT IS VIRTUAL REALITY | Differences between AR & VR
  • Installation of Unity 2018.3.7f1.
  • Android API levels (versions & version names).
  • Setting Android Programming Environment.
Module 2:
Basics of unity
  • How to position, rotate and scale gameobjects in unity.
  • Adding Material Color’s to GameObjects.
  • Prefabs in Unity
  • Concept of Parent & Child GameObjects.
  • Rotating the Sphere GameObject’s.
Module 3:
Vuforia Engine Library.
  • Getting started with Vuforia development portal.
  • License manager & Target manager.
  • Capturing an Image to use as Image Target.
  • Uploading Image Targets inside Vuforia.
  • Projecting Barbarian 3D Model on Image Target.
  • How to get development key.
  • How to create & manage database and targets.
  • Marker based v/s Without Marker AR.
Module 4:
Augmented 3D Models
  • Different types of interesting 3D animated models.
  • How to work with Mixamo animated models.
Module 5:
AR Image Target
  • Intro to Image Target.
  • Display 3D image.
  • Constraints for image target.
  • Display 3D text.
  • 3D Augmented Model.
  • Augmented Reality Book intro.
  • Customizing LION Image Target.
  • Customizing the TIGER Image Target.
  • Customizing the DINOSAUR Image Target.
  • Customizing the EAGLE Image Target.
  • Customizing the DOG Image Target.
  • Adding Cloud models
  • Customizing the ARBOOK Cover Image Target.
  • Adding 3D Text on top of Image Target.
  • Building the APK file of ARBOOK App.
  • Output of ARBook Application
  • Problem related to Ship & Aeroplane Image Target.
  • Solution for Ship & Aeroplane Image Target problem.
  • Reset the SHIP to it’s original position.
  • Reset the Aeroplane and Cloud Gameobject.
Module 6:
  • Augmented Reality Cuboid.
  • Projecting 3D Model on top of box.
  • Adding 3D text on top of Second Image Target.
  • Building and Running the AR Cuboid App.
  • Adding Audio.
Module 7:
AR Cylindrical Targets
  • Cylindrical Target Section Introduction.
  • Steps for creating a Cylinder Target.
  • Creating Cylinder Target Database.
  • Projecting Plane 3D Models surrounding the Cylinder Target.
  • Projecting Cloud 3D Models.
  • Animating the GameObjects.
  • Building the AR Cylindrical Target Project.
  • Learn to display augmented modal on cylindrical objects.
  • Crawling objects.
Module 8:
  • Virtual Button & ARBusinessCard Section Intro.
  • What are Virtual Button’s in Vuforia.
  • Adding Virtual Button & GameObject’s on top of Image Target.
  • Script to check whether the Virtual Button is Pressed or Released.
  • ARBusinessCard Application Intro.
  • Adding multiple Virtual Button’s on Image Target.
  • Playing video file’s on top of Plane GameObject’s.
  • Zombie should walk on press of VB.
  • On release of VB, Zombie should stop.
  • How to make objects jump from cuboid.
Module 9:
  • Superimposition Based AR Section Introduction.
  • Criteria for Object Recognition & Scanning.
  • Procedure for scanning a 3D Object.
  • Superimposing a CAR 3D Model on top of a Real Toy Car.
Module 10:
  • Vuforia Video Playback App Intro.
  • Importing Vuforia Core Samples.
  • Customizing Thumbnail and Video.
Module 11:
Vuforia Cloud Recognition
  • Vuforia Cloud Recognition Intro.
  • Understanding the Cloud Reco Scene & testing it’s output.
  • Creating Vuforia Cloud Database and linking it with Unity Project.
Module 12:
User Defined Target Augmented Reality Project
  • User Defined Target App Intro.
  • Adding License Key & Importing Vuforia Core Samples.
  • Understanding the Working of User Defined Target Scene.
Module 13:
Ground Planes & Mid Air
  • Ground Plane Section Intro.
  • Ground Plane supported devices.
  • Working with Ground Plane Feature.
  • Testing the Ground Plane output’s on an iPhone.
  • Generating 3D Models only once.
  • Augmenting a Life Size Lamborghini in real world.
  • Generating drones with Mid Air feature.
  • Adding shadow to Barbarian Model.
  • Show buttons onscreen to select augmented object.
  • AR Core V/s AR Kit.
Module 14:
AR Lean Touch
  • How to position, rotate and scale gameobjects in unity.
  • Adding Lean Touch Assets..
  • Add Touch to Augmented object.
  • Rotate on touch objects..
  • Pinch to zoom in and zoom out.
Module 15:
Interiors Project
  • Create a interior designing AR app.
  • Insert new furniture inside your home or office.
  • Change the color of furniture.
  • Insert lamp in mid air.


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