Blue Prism RPA Course

In this course you will learn Blue Prism which is a Robotics Process Automation software. You will not only learn how to develop RPA solution using Blue Prism but also will understand advanced concepts like multi BOT architecture and how Blue Prism is deployed in large enterprises. TryCatch Classes provides the best Blue Prism Development Course in Mumbai, Thane students. We teach Blue Prism Studio from scratch and provide practical classroom training for Blue Prism development course.


    • Fundamentals of Robotics Process Automation.
    • Blueprism infrastructure setup.
    • Creating RPA solutions with Blue Prism.

Blue Prism is a leading Robotics Process Automation software with a high demand in the market Learn Blue Prism with TryCatch’s complete classroom training course.


  • You should be comfortable using Windows PC
  • Blueprism software with valid license


Blue Prism Course Content

Module 1:
Introduction to Blue Prism
  • Introduction to Robotics Process Automation (RPA).
  • Introduction to Blue Prism.
Module 2:
Installation and configuration
  • Installation Pre requisites.
  • Installation of SQL Server Express edition.
  • Configuring SQL Server for Blue Prism.
  • Installation, configuration and activation of Blue Prism.
  • Blue Prism modules overview.
  • Creating a user account in Blue Prism.
Module 3:
Process Studio
  • Introduction to Process Studio.
  • Calc, Data item and multi calc stages.
  • Decision and Anchor stages.
  • Choice Stage.
  • Collection and loop stages.
Module 4:
Excel Operation
  • Action Stage and basic Excel operation with Blue Prism – Part 1.
  • Basic Excel operation with Blue Prism – Part 2.
Module 5:
Object Studio
  • Importing VBOs in Blue Prism.
  • Object Studio – Part 1 – Creating VBO for Windows applications.
  • Object Studio – Part 2 – Spying Windows applications.
  • Object Studio – Part 3 – Using dynamic attributes.
Module 6:
Debugging Basics
  • Debugging basics – Stepping, breakpoint and set next stage.
Module 7:
Working with Web Applications
  • Automating web applications – Part 1 – Spying HTML elements.
  • Automating web applications – Part 2.action pages to interact with the web application
  • Automating web applications – Part 3. currency conversion process, defined and undefined collection
  • Static and dynamic wait.
Module 8:
Exception handling
  • Exception Handling.
  • Exception bubbling and pages in detail.
Module 9:
Control Room, Work Queues, Multi Bot
  • Control Room overview and Running process from control room.
  • Work Queues – Part 1.
  • Work Queues – Part 2.
  • Work Queues – Part 3.
  • Multi BOT Architecture – overview and setup.
  • Multi BOT Architecture – Environment Locking – Part 1.
  • Multi BOT Architecture – Environment Locking – Part 2.
  • Multi BOT Architecture – Environment Locking – Part 3.
  • Environment and session variables.
  • Work Queues – Defer Item.
  • Working with multiple Time Zones.
  • Work Queues – Tag and Tag filter.
  • Credential Manager and Encryption Scheme.
  • Work Queues – Priority.
  • Setting up Blue Prism run time resource.
  • Blue Prism Login Agent – Overview, setup and configuration.
  • Using Login Agent in Production.
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