Bootstrap Training In Mumbai

Bootstrap Training In Mumbai

No 1 institute for Bootstrap training in mumbai. Learn to make responsive websites with Bootstrap. Also work on Bootstrap admin panels.


Did you know that Bootstrap is a popular front end framework and has garnered a lot of attention from programmers in recent times? Bootstrap has already replaced the tedious html & css coding. With our Bootstrap training in Mumbai course, you will learn as to how to use this innovative platform to develop web applications and much more!


At the end of this Bootstrap training course, you will be able to:

  • Build fast and responsive websites using Bootstrap.
  • Customize a new website build in Bootstrap.
  • Create a robust website using Bootstrap without writing lot of code.


When you learn Bootstrap with us, you get to :

  • Understand the Bootstrap grid system and layouts.
  • Different components of bootstrap.
  • Style for forms, tables, text.
  • Learn how to use the aesthetic elements like Navbars, breadcrumbs & media objects.
  • Learn to Add and use plugins for Bootstrap.



  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS is required.



Training Schedule – BOOTSTRAP Training Course

Module 1:
Basics Of Bootstrap
  • Why Bootstrap?
  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Responsive Web Design(RWD) an overview.
  • Download and getting started with Bootstrap.
  • Structure of Bootstrap Application.
Module 2:
Bootstrap Grid System
  • Introduction to Grid Sytem.
  • Default and Fluid Grid System.
  • Designing a grid system for desktop/ tablets /smart phones.
  • Nesting and Offsetting columns.
  • Reordering of columns.
Module 3:
Bootstrap Components
Page Components
  • Using page headers and panels.
  • Adding Media Objects, Thumbnails.
  • Creating and adding list group.
Module 4:
Navigation Components
  • Navs, Navbars and Breadcrumbs.
Module 5:
Working with Forms
  • Form layouts.
  • Form Controls.
  • Form sizing.
Module 6:
Bootstrap CSS
  • Typography.
  • Tables.
  • Label.
  • Buttons.
  • Glyphicons.
  • Badges.
Module 7:
Bootstrap plugins

For functionality
  • Dropdowns.
  • Alert messages.
  • Buttons.
Module 8:
For managing content
  • ScrollSpy.
  • Collapse.
  • Tabs.
  • Tooltip.
  • Popovers.
Module 9:
For Look and Feel
  • Carousel.
  • Modals.
  • Work on lots of projects.
Total Training Hrs 22 (2 Hrs/Day)
Batches Weekdays (Morn/Even).


Learn to make websites with Try-Catch Classes. We emphasize on practical sessions rather than theory. This Bootstrap training in Mumbai course coupled with HTML5 + CSS3 course will help students to get an easy entry into a career in front-end web development.


placement guarantee in android PLACEMENT GUARANTEE:

We offer 100% placement guarantee in BOOTSTRAP COURSE and that is why we are the no 1 Bootstrap training classes in Mumbai. At TryCatch Classes, we train students for interviews and offer placements in corporate companies. Most of all, we make you capable of creating difficult applications too.

Google Developers Certification Course CERTIFICATION:

At the end of the Bootstrap training course in Mumbai, you will get a Bootstrap Certification from us which will be very helpful for you in your future.

Android Education Leader AWARDS:

TryCatch Classes has been awarded multiple times as the “Most Promising Software Training Institute in Maharashtra” and “Social Impact Award for Outstanding Contribution to Indian Education System” at Education Leadership Awards.

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