CorelDraw Training in Mumbai

Learn CorelDRAW Training in Mumbai from Scratch with live projects. TryCatch Classes provides the best CorelDRAW Course in Mumbai, Thane students. We teach Coreldraw from scratch and provide practical classroom training for CorelDRAW development course. With a rich experience of more than 12 years in CorelDRAW, we make sure that you become hands-on with CorelDRAW.



  • Best practices in CorelDRAW.
  • By the end of this course, you will create your own business card in CorelDRAW.
  • Create unique color palettes to be used in future projects.
  • Design clean and professional business cards.
  • Combining vector shapes to use them in logos and graphics.
  • Distort and apply drop shadow and 3D effects to objects
  • Organizing a brochure layout by learning how to manage pages


If you’re looking for a software that is user-friendly and you can easily create logos, business cards or flyers, Corel Draw is the best answer and TryCatch’s is best place to learn this course.




CorelDRAW Course Content

Module 1:
Introduction to CorelDRAW
  • What is CorelDRAW.
  • The Exercise Files.
Module 2:
The welcome screen
  • Using one of the workspaces.
Module 3:
Getting started
  • Setting up the page.
  • Using rulers, grids and guidelines.
  • Navigating a multi-page document.
  • Master Layer and Page Numbering.
  • Understanding File Formats.
  • Starting with a template.
Module 4:
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
Module 5:
The Toolbox
  • Using the Pick Tool.
  • Zoom Tool and Hand Tool.
  • Creating a basic shape.
  • Using connector lines.
  • Outlines and Corner Control (part 1).
  • Outlines and Corner Control (part 2).
  • Interactive Contour
  • The Blend Tool.
  • The Distort Tool.
  • The Envelope Tool.
  • The Extrude Tool.
  • Interactive Transparency.
  • The Eyedropper Tool.
Module 6:
Working with objects
  • Section Introduction : 2D Canvas.
  • Adding Background Image on Canvas.
  • How to add 2D Text inside the Canvas.
  • Adding UI Buttons or 2D Buttons.
  • Rotating the Cube.
  • Switching between Scenes on Button click.
  • Designing the Back and Close Image Button.
  • Script for Back and Close Image Button.
  • Assignment.
Module 7:
Working with objects
  • Weld, Trim and Intersect.
  • Grouping and Ungrouping.
  • Aligning Objects.
Module 8:
Working with fonts
  • Understanding Font Types.
  • Installing.
  • Types of text.
Module 9:
Working with bitmaps
  • Importing bitmap.
  • Cropping and resizing images.
  • Assignments.
Module 10:
Exploring the curves
  • Free Hand.
  • 2-Point Line Tool.
  • Bezier Tool.
Module 11:
Node editing enhancements
  • Shape Tool.
  • Cusp, Smooth and Symmetrical.
  • Adding and removing nodes.
  • Cleaning up lines after welding.
  • Combine and Break apart.
Module 12:
Image to vector
  • Why to convert an image to a vector?
  • Convert image to Vector – The hard way.
  • Convert image to Vector – Pepsi logo.
  • Apple logo.
  • Carrefour logo.
  • Motorola logo.
  • Batman logo.
Module 13:
More text editing
  • Linking paragraph text.
  • Editing individual characters.
  • Powerclip.
  • Text in columns.
  • Text along a Path.


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