Lumion Training Course in Mumbai

Lumion Training Course in Mumbai

Best training institute for Lumion training course in Mumbai. Get hands-on practical training in Lumion. At TryCatch Classes, we provide real-time training with various projects. We make sure that you also get an experience level like a 1 year Lumion expert.

Why Lumion Training?

Now any architect can create beautiful renders quickly. With Lumion, you work in real time. Production-quality images can be saved to disk in seconds. Lumion can also produce videos and panoramas from the same project file. In this course, instructor Brian Myers covers the essentials of this powerful visualization tool.

Learn how to import CAD models, add cameras, and build out a beautiful environment, with different types of virtual weather and terrain. Brian shows how to add water features, foliage, and lighting, and assign and adjust materials to help your renders look more realistic.



In this Lumion training course in Mumbai, you will learn the following concepts:

  1. Learn how to work with the Build Mode context menu.
  2. Replace, move, duplicate, and randomize positioning of items-without affecting any other objects or settings in your render.
  3. Learn how to render video, still images, and panoramas from Lumion.
  4. Upload your projects for sharing on MyLumion.



  • Benchmarking performance
  • Controlling the camera
  • Importing models
  • Creating camera paths
  • Rendering video
  • Configuring the environment
  • Building a realistic landscape
  • Lighting
  • Working with materials
  • Using build mode
  • Adding effects
  • Rendering videos and still photos
  • Creating panoramas


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