MySQL Training Course In Mumbai

MySQL Training Course In Mumbai

No 1 institute for MySQL training course in mumbai. Get 100% practical training with no theory lectures. We are one of the leading institutes in India with 100% positive reviews on the internet. Work on projects and applications with us after the MySQL training course in mumbai.



At the end of this MySQL training course in Mumbai, you will be able to:

  • Become an expert in MySQL
  • Learn how to code in MySQL
  • Start using MySQL – Database Management System
  • Create, design, and operate with MySQL databases
  • Prepare for MySQL developer, Database administrator, Business Analyst, and Business Intelligence job opportunities
  • The ability to take control of your dataset – insert, update, and delete records from your database



When you learn MySQL with us, you get to :

  • Learn how to create a database from scratch.
  • Handle complex MySQL joins with ease.
  • Tons of exercises that will solidify your knowledge.



  • No prior experience is required. We will start from the very basics


MySQL Development Course Content

Module 1:
Introduction To MySQL
  • Installation.
  • Creating Database.
  • Creating Tables.
  • The Basic Datatypes.
  • Dropping Tables.
Module 2:
Inserting Data
  • Inserting Data.
  • Multiple Insert.
  • MySQL Warning.
  • NULL and NOT_NULL.
  • Setting Default Values.
  • Table Constraints Exercise.
Module 3:
CRUD commands
  • Introduction to CRUD.
  • SELECT Statement.
  • Introduction to WHERE.
  • Using AND
  • Using OR
  • Introduction to Aliases
  • UPDATE Command
  • Introduction to DELETE
  • Using DISTINCT
  • Using IN – NOT IN
  • Sorting Data with ORDER BY
  • Using LIMIT
  • Better search with LIKE
  • Using BETWEEN
  • Other comparision operators
Module 4:
String Functions
  • Introducing SUBSTRING.
  • Introducing REPLACE.
  • Using REVERSE.
  • Working with CHAR LENGTH.
  • Changing Case with UPPER and LOWER.
Module 5:
Basic Database terminology
  • Relational Database Essentials.
  • Relational schemas – Primary key.
  • Relational schemas – Foreign key.
  • Relational schemas – Unique key and null values.
  • Relational schemas – Relationships.
Module 6:
MySQL constraints
  • PRIMARY KEY constraint.
  • FOREIGN KEY constraint.
  • UNIQUE constraint.
  • DEFAULT constraint.
  • NOT NULL constraint.
Module 7:
Aggregate Functions
  • The Count Function.
  • Using Group By.
  • Min and Max Basics.
  • Using Min and Max with Group By.
  • The Sum Function.
  • The Avg Function.
Module 8:
MySQL Stored Procedure
  • How to create MySQL Procedure.
  • Pick a Delimiter.
  • Tools to create MySQL Procedure.
  • Call a Procedure.
  • Procedure : Characteristics Clauses.
  • MySQL : Compound-Statement.
  • BEGIN … END Compound-Statement Syntax.
  • Label Statement.
  • Declare Statement.
  • Variables in Stored Programs.
  • Procedure Parameters.
  • MySQL Procedure : Parameter IN example.
  • MySQL Procedure : Parameter OUT example.
  • MySQL Procedure : Parameter INOUT example.
  • MySQL : If Statement.
  • MySQL : Case Statement.
  • MySQL : ITERATE, LEAVE Statement.
  • MySQL : LOOP Statement.
  • MySQL : REPEAT Statement.
  • MySQL : RETURN Statement.
  • MySQL : WHILE Statement.
  • MySQL : Cursor.
  • Access Control for Stored Programs.


Learn MySQL with TryCatch Classes. We emphasise on practical sessions rather than theory. This MySQL training course in Mumbai course will help students to make a career in Database.


Top Reasons to Use MySQL:

  • Scalability and Flexibility.
  • High Performance.
  • High Availability.
  • Robust Transactional Support.
  • Web and Data Warehouse Strengths.
  • Strong Data Protection.
  • Comprehensive Application Development.
  • Management Ease.
  • Open Source Freedom and 24 x 7 Support.


Google Developers Certification Course CERTIFICATION:

At the end of the MySQL course in Mumbai, you will get a MySQL Certification from us which will be very helpful for you in your future. Our certification is valid everywhere on the globe because we are the best MySQL training institute in Mumbai.

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