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Best NodeJS training in mumbai. Learn NodeJS in Mumbai with private one-on-one classroom training. We are a group of professors with more than 9+ years experience in full stack development. Master nodejs by getting hands-on training with TryCatch Classes.


Node.js course is a platform that enables the participants to build high performance, event-driven, real-time and scalable networking applications just by using JavaScript. Mastering Node.js will train you to build networking and web based applications that are far more superior and efficient than applications build in other languages.



At the end of this Node.JS training course, you will be able to:

  • Understand basic and advanced web technology.
  • Build advanced Networking Applications using Node.js.
  • Master key Node.js Concepts including Events and Streams.
  • Handle Sessions, Cookies, and Session Stores.



When you learn Node.JS with us, you get to :

  • Communicate with Databases.
  • Test & Debug in Node.js
  • Use Node’s Package Manager – NPM.



  • Knowledge of HTML and Javascript is required.



Training Schedule – NODE.JS Training Course

Module 1:
Introduction to Objects in
Javascript & Node.js

  • Objects in JavaScript.
  • About Node.js.
  • Working of Node.js.
  • Node’s Package Manager: NPM.
  • Installation of Node.js.
Module 2:
  • Basics of Modules.
  • Introduction to Node.js Built-in Modules.
  • Introduction to NPM.
  • Installing, Updating and Removing Modules using NPM.
  • Creating your own Modules.
  • Publishing your own Modules to NPM.
  • Understanding NPM’s coding style.
  • Choosing the right NPM Module for your Project.
Module 3:
Events & Streams
  • Reading and Writing Buffers.
  • Understanding Events and the Event Emitter Pattern.
  • Understanding Node.js Streams.
  • The File System Module.
Module 4:
Network Communication
& Web Technology
in Node.js
  • Network Communication in Node.js.
  • Setting up a TCP/IP server and client.
  • Communicating using UDP.
  • Setting up an HTTP Server, Handling Requests and Responses in HTTP.
Module 5:
Build Web Applications using
ExpressJS & MongoDB
  • Introduction to ExpressJS.
  • Installation and Configuration of a Express JS Project, Routing, Middleware, Security Issues.
  • DB communication: MongoDB.
Module 6:
Realtime Communication
  • Introduction to WebSockets.
  • Setting up and Configuring
  • Real Time communication using
Module 7:
Forks, Spawns and the
Process Module
  • Understanding Processes and child processes.
Module 8:
Testing in Node.js
  • Introduction to Assert in Node.js.
  • Testing using Mocha.
  • Introduction to Jasmine.
  • Using the Chai Assertion Module.
Total Training Hrs 25 hours.
Total Training Period Approx 1.5 months.
Batches Weekdays (Morn/Even).


This Node.JS training in Mumbai course coupled with AngularJS course will help students to get an easy entry into a career in Mean Stack.


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At the end of the Node.JS course in Mumbai, you will get a certification from us which will be very helpful for you in your future.

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