PhoneGap Training in Mumbai | Phone Gap Training Course Mumbai

PhoneGap Training In Mumbai

No 1 private coaching PhoneGap training in mumbai. At TryCatch, we provide one-on-one training in phonegap. We practice a lot with our students. So making projects on phonegap is what we concentrate on. We also provide corporate training in phone gap and other technologies.

PhoneGap Training In Mumbai



PhoneGap is the original and most popular distribution of Apache Cordova. Turn your HTML, CSS and JavaScript into an app on your device in minutes using simple desktop and developer apps. In this course, you will explore the purpose of PhoneGap, by creating awesome mobile apps.



At the end of this PhoneGap training course, you will be able to:

  • Create hybrid mobile applications with beautiful user interface.
  • Get app-store ready apps without the headache of maintaining native SDKs.
  • Build amazing mobile apps powered by open web tech.



When you learn PhoneGap with us, you get to :

  • Work on client projects with us.
  • Creating dynamic apps using phonegap.





The content of PhoneGap training in Mumbai course is as below.

Training Schedule – Phone Gap Training Course

Configuring Development
  • The basics of Phonegap.
  • Installing Node.js.
  • Install the Android development environment for OSx/Windows.
  • Other supported platforms.
Installing Phonegap
Command Line Interface
  • The Phonegap vs. the Cordova CLI.
  • Installing the Phonegap CLI.
  • Install the Cordova CLI.
Creating Your First App
  • Creating a project using Phonegap CLI.
  • Create a project using Cordova CLI.
  • Exploring the app structure.
  • Building the app with the Phonegap CLI.
  • Build an iOS app with Cordova CLI.
Testing Your App
  • Testing Your iOS app using Phonegap CLI.
  • Test Your android app using Phonegap CLI.
  • Testing Your app using Cordova CLI.
Adding Phonegap Plugins
  • Adding a plugin.
  • Removing a plugin.
Platform Customization
  • Using merges to customize your app.
Using Hooks
  • What are hooks?
  • Adding a hook into the workflow.
Remote Builds
  • Using PhoneGap Build to compile your app.
  • How to use the PhoneGap Developer App.
  • Work on Live Projects.
Placement Training
  • Preparing for interview questions and training for your corporate life.
Total Training Hrs 25-35 hours.
Batches Weekdays (Morn/Even)
Week Ends


Learn to make hybrid applications with Try-Catch Classes. We emphasize on practical sessions rather than theory. This PhoneGap training in Mumbai course will help students to get an easy entry into a career in mobile app development.



  • At the end of the PhoneGap training course in Mumbai, you will get a PhoneGap certification from Try Catch Classes which will be very helpful for you in your future. In order to make you an expert, we work on live projects and applications in phone gap.



  • At TryCatch Classes, we provide Placement Training in Mumbai. We provide interview questions and answers. Most of all, we assure guaranteed placements.


Best Hybrid App Development Training in Borivali, Andheri, Mumbai!

PhoneGap Training in Mumbai | Phone Gap Training Course Mumbai

Try Catch Classes provides the best PhoneGap Training Mumbai at Borivali west. Along with PhoneGap Training course, you can also learn,

  1. IOS App Development.
  2. Android Classes in Mumbai.


Contact Us for more details : 9664545072.



We don’t teach in a batch. Because we believe in teaching one-on-one training.

Weekdays & Weekend Batch.

1st Batch : 7 am to 9.30 am.

2nd Batch : 10 am to 1 pm.

3rd Batch : 2 pm to 4.30 pm.

4th Batch: 5 pm to 7 pm.

5th Batch : 7 pm to 9.30pm.



If you are looking for a successful career in PhoneGap, we invite you to visit our training facility or contact us: