Protractor: End to End testing framework for AngularJS Apps

Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications. Protractor runs tests against your application running in a real browser, interacting with it as a user would. TryCatch Classes provides the best Protractor Course training in Mumbai and Thane. We teach Protractor from scratch and provide practical classroom training for Protractor course.



  • Automate any Angular and non AngularJS websites using Protractor
  • crack protractor interviews
  • Learn various new locator strategies


  • Basic understanding of Javascripting



Protractor Development Course Content

Module 1:Basic installation
  • Installing JDK and Node.JS
  • Installing Protractor on Windows
  • Running the first Protractor Test
  • Installing Eclipse and Tern plugin
Module 2:
Visual Studio Code Editor – NEW ADDITION
  • Installing Visual Studio code editor
  • Protractor Snippets for VSCODE
Module 3:
Javascript Basics
Introduction to the Language
  •  Defining Variables.
  • Variables and Concatenation.
  •  Operators – Arithmetic, Incremental & Decremental operators.
  •  Equality Operators.
  •  Comparison and Logical operator.
  •  Available DataTypes.
  •  If and Else, Switch statements.
  •  Functions.
  •  For Loop.
  • While and Do While loop.
  •  Break, Continue and Labels.
  •  Arrays.
  • Var, Let and Const.
  •  Objects and accessing members in another JS file.
Module 4:
Protractor Basics
  • Understanding the Conf.js file.
  • Handling Dropdown list.
Module 5:
  • How Protractor handle promises.
  • More on Promises implementation through Javascript.
  • Practical implementation of Promises with a live example.
  • Await / Async.
Module 6:
  • About AngularJS Locators.
  • By Model, By ClassName, By ButtonText.
  • By Binding, By ID.
  • By Repeater
  • By addLocators
Module 7:
SwitchTo – Handling Alerts, IFrames,
Tabs and Popups / New Windows
  • Handling Tabs and Pop ups
  • Handling IFrames
  • Handling Alerts
Module 8:
Utilities and HTML Interactive Reports
  • Protractor beautiful reporter
Module 9:
Page Object Model
Framework (Live Project)
  • Introduction to Page Object Model.
  • Creating Architecture and Adding business pages.
  • Adding More Business Page and Test Cases.
  • Adding the Page Object Model design pattern.
  • Adding common Json file for Locators and TestData
  • Handling tabs and popups.
Module 10:
Jenkins – CI
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Jenkins configuration.
  • Understanding the Conf.js file
Module 11:
CucumberJS Basics in Depth
  • Configuring CucumberJS Node package
  • Creating the first Step definition
  • Adding Multiple scenarios to the feature
Module 12:
Protractor configuration and
integration with CucumberJS
  • Configuring Protractor
  • Integrate Protractor with CucumberJS
  • Integrating Cucumber HTML Reports
  • Running Parallel on Multiple Browsers and Generating Parallel Reports
  • More Customization to the report
Module 13:
Chai and Chai as Promised
  • Introduction Chai and Chai as promised NPM
  • Adding Expect statements and Reporting Failure
  • Attaching screenshots to the Cucumber reports on Failed scenarios
  • Adding Properties reader Utility
  • Adding Callback to Cucumber Steps
Module 14:
Adding more steps and
Implementing Page Object Model to the framework
  • Adding More Steps
  • Adding ng-inspector extension and running multiple scenarios
  • Adding PageObjects and creating a BasePage file
  • Creating more Page Objects
  • Running the test through Jenkins CI Tool


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