React JS Training in Mumbai

React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. Learn React JS Training in Mumbai from Scratch in 2 months. TryCatch Classes provides the best React JS Course in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane students.
We teach React JS from scratch and provide practical classroom training for React JS course.
With a rich experience of more than 10 years in React JS, Gain a strong foundation of the core concepts, and build exciting and useful web and mobile apps!


  • Best practices in React JS.
  • Learn React the right and learn best practices.
  • See how React fits in the big picture of web development.
  • Cover the crucial concepts of bundling and transpiling, and create frontend application build systems.
  • Dive into the React engine, and learn how it works under the hood.
  • Learn how to build applications from scratch.


Dive in and learn React Js from scratch with TryCatch’s complete classroom training course.


    • Create, build, and deploy react applications to cloud.
    • Taking the advantage of react and redux dev tools for better debugging.
    • Creating redux middleware with Redux saga.
    • Develop an application from scratch using latest version of React.



React JS Course Content

Module 1:
Getting started with React
  • What is react.
  • Installation and Setup.
  • Introduction to node.js and npm.
  • Create react App.
  • Simple Example.
  • Absolute basics of Reusable components.
Module 2:
  • Introducing JSX.
  • Creating component.
  • Nesting components.
  • Properties.
Module 3:
State in React
  • Basic state.
  • Constructor.
  • setState().
  • State, Events and manage controls.
Module 4:
Rendering elements
  • This.forceUpdate().
Module 5:
Props in React
  • Introduction.
  • Passing props from parent to child component.
Module 6:
React Component Lifecycle
  • Component creation.
  • Component removal.
  • Using ArrayAdapters, BaseAdapters.
  • Component update.
  • Lifecycle methods.
Module 7:
Forms and User Input
  • Forms example.
  • Handling events.
  • Refs..
Module 8:
Communication between Components
  • Parent to child communication.
  • Not related components.
  • Child to parent communication.
  • The Basics – HTML DOM vs Virtual DOM.
Module 9:
Keys in react
  • Using the Id of an element.
  • Using the array index.
Module 10:
React with Redux
  • Flux concept.
  • Create store.
  • Connect store to components.
  • Actions and Reducers.
Module 11:
Advanced Topics
  • React Tools.
  • The Basics – HTML DOM vs Virtual DOM.
  • Higher Order Components.
  • Conditional rendering.


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