React JS Training in Mumbai

React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. Learn React JS Training in Mumbai from Scratch in 2 months. TryCatch Classes provides the best React JS Course in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane students.
We teach React JS from scratch and provide practical classroom training for React JS course.
With a rich experience of more than 10 years in React JS, Gain a strong foundation of the core concepts, and build exciting and useful web and mobile apps!

React JS Training in Mumbai


  • Best practices in React JS.
  • Learn React the right and learn best practices.
  • See how React fits in the big picture of web development.
  • Cover the crucial concepts of bundling and transpiling, and create frontend application build systems.
  • Dive into the React engine, and learn how it works under the hood.
  • Learn how to build applications from scratch.


Dive in and learn React Js from scratch with TryCatch’s complete classroom training course.



React JS Course Content.

Module 1:
Introduction to React JS

  • What is React?.
  • Real-World SPAs & React Web Apps.
  • Writing our First React Code.
  • Understanding Single Page Applications and Multi Page Application..

Module 2:
Welcome to React | First React Application.

  • Section Overview | First React Application.
  • Set up the Portfolio App.
  • Run the React App and the React Project Structure.
  • ReactDOM, Elements, and JSX.
  • A React Component.
  • Classes – Overview.
  • Classes, Inheritance, and a Closer Component Look.
  • State.
  • SetState.
  • A React Rule: Never Directly Modify State.
  • Class Properties and Initializers.

Module 3:

Breaking down React | React and Web Development.

  • React from Scratch.
  • Compiling, Bundling, and a Closer Look at JSX.
  • Refactor the Portfolio to use Parcel.
  • The Necessity of Bundlers and Transpilers Review.
  • The DOM and React’s Virtual DOM.

Module 4:

Continued Main React Concepts.

  • Lifecycle Methods and componentDidMount.
  • ComponentWillUnmount.
  • Stateless Functional Components.
  • HTTP Overview.
  • Fetch Under the Hood: Promises.
  • React Router.
  • Header Component.
  • Higher Order Components.

Module 5:
Core React Concepts Review.

  • Core React – Glossary of Key Terms.

Module 6:
Core React Project: MusicMaster 2.0.

  • Set up Music Master and Your Own React App Template.
  • Track User Input in the State.
  • Challenge and Code: Search an Artist’s Top Tracks.
  • Challenge and Code: Artist Component.
  • Tracks Component.
  • Search Component and Lifting State Up in Callback Props.
  • Styling Finishing Touches.
  • Include Music Master in Portfolio.

Module 7:
Conclusion and Course Sequel.

  • Congratulations and Course Sequel.
  • Redux Overview [Redux Bootcamp Preview].

Module 8:
[Deprecated] Building CountdownChamp – Your First React Application.

  • Wireframing CountdownChamp.
  • Building Your First Application.
  • Editing the Application.
  • Creating Your First Component.
  • Structuring the Application.
  • Introducing State.
  • Updating State.
  • Changing Data with the Input Field.
  • Creating a Clock Component.
  • Coding Break: Updating State.
  • Calculating Time Until.
  • Hooking with LifeCycle Methods.
  • Adding Helper Methods with Ternary Expressions.
  • Styling with React Bootstrap.

Module 9:
[Deprecated] Building MusicMaster – with an API.

  • Wireframing MusicMaster.
  • Setting Up MusicMaster.
  • Creating the App Component.
  • Styling with Bootstrap.
  • Searching for Artists.
  • Coding Break: Web Requests.
  • Preparing a Web Request.
  • Fetching Data with a Url.
  • Building the Artist Profile.
  • Styling New Components with CSS.
  • Expanding the Fetch Request.
  • Building a Gallery.
  • Playing Audio with JavaScript.
  • Pausing a Track.
  • Animated Styling.

Module 10:
[Deprecated] Building ReminderPro – with Redux and Cookies.

  • Wireframing ReminderPro.
  • Introducing Redux.
  • Introducing Actions and Action Creators.
  • Providing a Store and Introducing Reducers.
  • Coding Break: the Three Steps to Redux.
  • Mapping Dispatch To Props and Binding Action Creators.
  • Mapping State to Props.
  • Rendering a List of Reminders.
  • Deleting Reminders.
  • Reducing the List Component.
  • Timestamping Reminders.
  • Interpreting Moments with MomentJS.
  • Coding Break: Cookies.
  • Baking Browser Cookies.
  • Clearing All Reminders.

Module 11:
[Deprecated] Building GoalCoach – with Redux, Authentication, and a Database.

  • Wireframing GoalCoach.
  • Setting Up the Index.
  • Fixing React Router.
  • Navigating with React-Router.
  • Adding Firebase to the Application.
  • Setting Up Sign Up.
  • Writing Sign In.
  • Coding Break: Authentication.
  • Adding Redux to GoalCoach.
  • Logging the User with Redux.
  • Developing the App Component.
  • Creating a GoalList Component.
  • Reducing Goals in the Redux Store.
  • Combining our Reducers.
  • Mapping the Goals List.
  • Completing a Goal.
  • Removing a Goal.
  • Adding Completed Goals to Redux.
  • Rendering Completed Goals.


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