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Revit Architecture is software that helps in capturing and analyzing design concepts. This software delivers support for the domains such as architectural, MEP engineering, structural engineering, and construction. Start your architecture career with Autodesk Revit software training—no experience required.



  • Building information modeling (BIM) application to design a house, building, or other structure.
  • Learn the end-to-end 3D modeling techniques of BIM to capture and communicate design.
  • Produce drawings and redefine images of buildings.
  • Navigate user interface, architectural objects such as floor, walls, roofs, windows, and stairs.
  • Creation of schematic design through construction documentation.
  • Conceptual modeling using massing.
  • Presenting the model of building.
  • Creating railing and stairs.
  • Controlling visibility of object.

Revit is specially built for Building Information Modeling (BIM) for helping the individual to design, build, maintain sound quality, and efficient buildings.


Autodesk Revit (BASIC) Course Content

Module 1:
Revit Architecture
  • Overview of the Revit interface.
  • General drawing tools.
  • AutoCAD file import.
  • Unit setting, levels and grids.
  • Navigation between Views.
  • Drawing and modifying Walls.
Module 2:
Setting Up Levels & Grids
  • Creating & Using Levels.
  • Creating a Structural Grid.
Module 3:
Creating Building Elements
  • System Elements — Walls, Curtain Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Roofs, Stairs, & Railings.

  • Loadable Components – Doors, Windows & Furniture.

  • Working with AutoCAD 2D Floor Plans.

Module 4:
Modifying Building Elements
  • Changing Element Properties.
  • Move, Copy, Rotate, & Align Elements.
  • Project.
Module 5:
Creating Views Of Model
  • Duplicating Views.
  • Managing View Display.
  • Adding Callouts.
  • Creating Elevations.
  • Creating Sections.
Module 6:
Schedules & Annotation
  • Creating Quantity Schedules.
  • Working with Text & Dimensions.
  • Adding Tags.
Module 7:
Construction Documents
  • Setting-up Sheets.
  • Controlling Views on Sheets.
Module 8:
  • Creating Model-Based Details.
  • Creating Drafting View-Based Details.
  • Working with AutoCAD Drawings.
  • Project:
    • Setting up a project budget.
    • Reviewing and fine-tuning project plan.
    • Saving the project plan.
    • Tracking status & updating.


Below is the course content for Advanced Revit training.


Autodesk Revit (ADVANCED) Course Content

Module 1:
Building Information Modeling
  • Building Information Modeling for Architectural Design.
Module 2:
Revit Architecture Basics
  • Exploring the User Interface.
  • Working with Revit Elements and Families.
  • Starting a Project.
  • Importing CAD Data.
  • Fundamental of Massing Studies.
  • Creating / Modifying Topographic surface.
Module 3:
Building Model
  • Creating and Modifying Levels.
  • Creating and Modifying Grids.
  • Adding Columns.
  • Creating a Basic Floor Plan.
  • Adding and Modifying Walls.
  • Working with Compound Walls.
  • Using Editing Tools.
  • Adding and Modifying Doors.
  • Adding and Modifying Windows.
Module 4:
Viewing the
Building Model
  • Managing Views.
  • Controlling Object Visibility.
  • Working with Section and Elevation Views.
  • Creating and Modifying 3D Views.
  • Project.
Module 5:
Using Dimensions
& Constraints
  • Working with Dimensions.
  • Applying and Removing Constraints.
Module 6:
Developing the
Building Model
  • Creating and Modifying Floors.
  • Working with Ceilings.
  • Creating Openings.
  • Adding and Modifying Roofs.
  • Creating / Editing Curtain Walls.
  • Adding Stairs, Railings and Ramps.
Module 7:
Working with Families
  • Understanding Family Editor.
  • Creating / Editing Family Component.
  • Working with Component Families.
Module 8:
Detailing your Design
  • Creating Callout Views.
  • Working with Text and Tags.
  • Detail Views.
  • Working with Drafting Views.
Module 9:
Your Design
  • Creating and Modifying Schedules.
  • Creating Rooms / Area Tags and Schedules.
  • Legends and Keynotes.
Module 10:
Presenting the
Building Model
  • Understanding Family Editor.
  • Creating / Editing Family Component.
  • Working with Component Families.
Module 11:
  • Work on different projects.


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