Magento Interview Questions and Answers

Q.1.What is Magento.
A. Magento is an e-commerce platform written in PHP and released under the open source license. It was released by Varien, Inc. on March, 31 2008. It provides flexibility and control to the On-line merchants over the look and content.
Q.2.What is the technology used by Magento?
A. In Magento, PHP is used as a scripting language while MySQL is used as the database.
Q.3.What are the limitations of Magento?
A. There are the following limitations of Magento.1-Due to the fact that it is written in PHP, it is slower in performance as compare to other platforms.
2-It consumes more space in the memory. It can consume gigabytes of RAM during heavy processes.
3-In the absence of Object oriented programming, it can become complex.
Q.4.Explain the difference between EAV and flat model..
A. EAV database model is fully in normalized form. Each column’s value is stored in their respective data type table which makes it more complex as they have to join 5-6 tables even if you need only one detail. In EAV, columns are called attributes.Flat model uses just one table. It is not normalized and uses more database space. It is not good for dynamic requirements where you may have to add some more columns in future. Its performance is fast as it needs only one query instead of joining 5-6 tables. In flat model, columns are called fields.
Q.5.What are Magento product types?
A. Magento simple product: It is used for a single item without any specific selectable variations. For example, a pen, copy, etc.
Magento grouped product: It is used for a combination of Magento simple product. For example, a pen and copy together.
Magento configurable product: It is used for a single item with specific selectable variations. For example, a pen with different color options.
Magento virtual product: It is used for a virtual item i.e: non touchable item. For example, reservation, insurance, etc.
Magento bundle product: It is used for a bundle of simple products. For example, laptop with various items such as processor, hard disk, RAM, etc.
Magento downloadable product: It is used for online software items. For example, PowerPoint presentation, MP3 files, servers, etc.
Q.6. Explain handles in Magento?
A. Handles control the structure of the page to be displayed. It decides which block will be placed where in the page. Handle is called for every page and every page request can have several unique handles.
Q.7.What are Magento products?
A. Products are the items or things that are sold in Magento. Product can be anything that is capable of satisfying customer needs. This includes both physical products and services.
Q.8.What is Inventory?
A. Inventory allows setting a product’s stock quantity. For instance, you have a product with 100 units in stock. If you set the stock availability to “Out of Stock” then it will force the item to be out of stock.
Q.9.Name the categories of E-Commerce?
A. The categories of E-Commerce are:Business to Business(B2B)Business to Consumer(B2C)

Consumer to Consumer(C2C)

Consumer to Business(C2B)

Q.10.What is the used of 3D Secure Card validation field in Saved CC?
A. It is additional security functionality where customer needs to provide credit card password to complete the purchase order.
Q.11.What is Google checkout in Magento?
A. Google Checkout is online payment processing service provided by Google. Magento allows integration of online stores with Google checkout. It is like PayPal that simplifies the process of paying for online purchases.
Q.12.What is Magento Content Management System(CMS)?
A. Magento CMS (Content Management System) section is used to manage all web site pages. It is a way of promoting the products by providing valuable information to the customers and increases visibility to search engines.
Q.13.What are Static Blocks?
A. Static block is a piece of content can be used anywhere in the pages. Magento allows creating blocks of content that can be used through the store and can be added to any page or another block.
Q.14.How to Optimize the Magento Environment?
A. Following points describe how to optimize the Magento environmentIt uses complex database, so that it needs to be run on dedicated servers.Magento application could be optimized by using cloud computing.Merge you JavaScript and CSS files which reduces the load time dramatically since its loading only one merged file.Proper MySQL configuration is one of the most important aspects in terms of performance.Always upgrade to the latest Magento version allows to perform better.
Q.15.What does Only X left Threshold means in Stock Option?
A. It is used to set threshold number. When the units of that product are drop to that number, it will display Only X left message on the product details page.
Q.16.What is Magento Payment Gateway?
A. Payment gateway processes the credit card data securely between customer and merchant and also between merchant and the payment processor. It is like checkpoint that protects customers against attempting to gather personal and financial information from customers and also act as mediator between the merchant and sponsoring bank.
Q.17.What is the process of Order Life cycle in Magento?
A. Orders follow a standard life cycle process. When customer place product orders, it arrive in the administration interface with a pending status. When order is processed, the status of order changes according to current state in the processing workflow. Once the invoice is created for the order, the status changes from pending to processing status. Next it creates shipment for an order which changes the status from pending to complete status.
Q.18.How to subscribe to Newsletters using Magento?
A. Customer can subscribe to Newsletters using Magento. Customer can sign up for the Newsletter when he creates a new customer account which contains checkbox for signing up. For creating Newsletters you need to enable Newsletter option in your magento to make sure that customer has confirmed to receive Newsletter.
Q.19.How to optimize the Magento front-end performance?
A. The following points show how to optimize the Magento front-end performance ?Use the latest version of php, so that you can perform front-end operation much better and faster. The newest released version may cause the errors, so carefully read the release notes and check out the new version.Use the clean database to improve the performance of magento. The database logs need to be clear regularly. The database stores the automatically created logs to keep track of record session and interaction.
Q.20.What is Consumer to Business?
A. This transaction is between consumer or customer and business or companies where consumer makes a product that the company uses to complete business.