Online auction system

Online auction system in PHP

Online Auction management system is a project is developed in PHP and MySQL with the aim to develope a Online auction system where administrator of the site can login and add auction items so user can search and view details of auction items with images, price, auction date / time etc.

To implement this PHP project, follow the steps below:


Download Code and copy to root directory of localhost.



Create database with name onlineauctionsystem .



Select created database and import data from onlineauctionsystem.sql file. This file located inside sql folder inside your downloaded folder.



Now run index.php file from localhost.
Eg. http://localhost/OnlineAuctionSystem/index.php



After opening the index page you can view all the categories and products available and can buy and sell products after logging in using a demo User Id and password specified below or you can register to create a new account.(Newly created accounts can only be accessed on admin approval).

To Log in use Username – and Password – user123


After Logging in you can start placing bids on available products rr you can add products to sell and other users can place bids on your product.



If you have added products to sell it will appear on the admin page where it can be approved . Only the products which are approved by the admin will be displayed on the products page.

Admin can see all the registers users as well.
FOR ADMIN ACCESS Go to http://localhost/OnlineAuctionSystem/admin/index.php and enter

UserId -> admin and Password-> admin


STEP 8: 

You can view all the bids placed by you on various products through the View my Bids Page available in the Profile Dropdown.


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