Online Bakery Shop

Online Cake Shop Project In Php

Hey guys, today we will implement a very interesting project in php. In this ‘Online Cake Shop in PHP project’ tutorial, we can see cakes for sell
with price, amount etc. Customers can add the cake to their cart and place order immediately.

To implement this PHP project, follow the steps below:


Download Code and copy to root directory of localhost.


Create database with name baker.



Select created database and import data from baker.sql file. This file located inside sql folder inside your downloaded folder.



Now run index.php file from localhost.
Eg. http://localhost/cake/index.php


By visiting index.php, You can see all the Classic cakes and Pastries. You can now add to cart any item you want. 



After Clicking on any particular category you can see all the products related to that categories. You can see the option for full product view and
add to cart after hover of product.



After clicking on add to cart icon you can see that the product is added to cart inside the header.


After clicking on cart button you will be able to see all the products inside your cart and to place order login is required. After clicking on place order you need to fill the information for checkout.
You can also see your order from Menu -> Cart

STEP 8: 

For Admin Access:

use url:- http://localhost/cake/admin/admin_index.php

Login Details:

Username :| Password : admin123


STEP 9: 

After Login you can see all the categories , products, users, orders etc and can also add more categories and products.



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