AngularJS CRUD Example

Create, Read, Update, Delete Using Angularjs

Welcome friends to yet another exciting tutorial on angular. Today I am going to show you how to create a ‘AngularJS CRUD example’. Learn how to create, read, update and delete records in angularjs.



In above example, we will show how easy it is to implement CRUD operation using Angularjs. We created services first to using that we perform angularjs http call to display content in bootstrap grid.

We have tried to cover almost all possible features in this project like:

  • Searching through all column in grid and showing result on same page with pagination.
  • Angularjs Example to display content inside select box and use select box for search.
  • We can provide checkbox and radio button also in search using angularjs.
  • We had also displayed current search term also.
  • On click of column heading, we can sort grid content by ascending/descending order.
  • Two display only two character using angularjs use limitTo filter.(Eg. In Last name column displaying two character only).
  • Use of uppercase filter in first name and lowercase filter in last name explained in code using angularjs filter.
  • We can also limits number of rows to show. This is one of the best example of angularjs CRUD explained here where all possibilities used in angualrjs crud example.



  • Twitter Bootstrap Responsive CSS Framework.
  • MySQL Database System.
  • AngularJs.
  • PHP.




To run the ‘AngularJS CRUD Example’ download the source code, hit your url and check the output.

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