Automation Anywhere

This course include training of one of the most popular Robotics Process Automation tool Automation Anywhere version 11.3 from scratch. TryCatch Classes provides the best Automation Anywhere Course in Mumbai, Thane students. We teach Automation Anywhere  from scratch and provide practical classroom training for Automation Anywhere course. With a rich experience of Automation Anywhere. This course is for anyone experienced in software development or completely unfamiliar with coding/programming/etc. and looking to add a highly valued skill to their skillset.



    • Robotics Process Automation.
    • Live Situation Faced in RPA.
    • Automation Anywhere 11.3 Features & Technique.
    • Automation Anywhere 11.

Learn RPA Automation Anywhere 11 From Scratch with TryCatch’s complete classroom training course.


  • Basic Knowledge of Computer is enough with a computer with windows installed in it.


Automation Anywhere Course Content

Module 1:
Introduction to Automation Anywhere
Module 2:
Kick Start with Automation anywhere Client
  • Introduction to Client (AA Creator and AA Runner).
  • Command – MESSAGE BOX.
  • Command – Comment & Variables Type.
  • Command – Clipboard.
  • Command – Delay & Wait.
  • Command – Log To File.
  • Command – Launch Website.
  • Command – Open Program / File.
  • Basic Commands of automation Anywhere.
  • Command – Read From CSV / Text File.
  • Command – Object Cloning with Insert Keystroke.
  • Command – Variable Operation with Loop.
  • Command – Window Actions.
  • Command – Play Sound & System.
  • Command – String operation (Before After – Compare – Find).
  • Command – String operation (Join – Length – Lower Case).
  • Command – String Operation (Replace – Reverse – Split).
  • Command – String Operation (Sub String – Trim – Upper Case).
Module 3:
Something Deep In Automation Anywhere
  • Command – All FTP / SFTP.
  • Command – Excel Automation.
  • Command – PDF Integration.
  • Command – Send Email.
  • Command – Email Automation.
  • Command – REST Web Service.
  • Command – SOAP Web Service.
  • Command – Database.
  • Command – PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).
  • Command – Manage Windows Control.
  • Command – OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
Module 4:
Control Room Features
  • Control Room Issues & Login.
  • How to create Creator & Runner in Control Room.
  • How to run Bot from Control Room.
  • How to Schedule Bot from Control Room.
  • What is Audit Log in Control Room.
Module 5:
Task and Scenario in Automation Anywhere
  • Scenario 1.
  • Scenario 2.
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