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HTML5, a markup language for the web has got its popularity due to the current internet era. CSS3, paves the way by giving good look and feel, adding animation, viewing the web pages in different devices etc. These two technologies together is a must learn language for any front end developer who wants to build websites or wants a niche career in UI technologies .



At the end of this HTML and CSS3 training course, you will be able to:

  • Build your own websites in with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Design wonderful layouts for websites.
  • Create and add animation using CSS3.
  • Build and view web pages from different devices using media queries.
  • Perform SEO for your website.



When you learn HTML and CSS with us, you learn to make:

  • Build responsive websites.
  • Basic and new tags of HTML5
  • New Input tags like email, number, range in HTML5.
  • To add audios, videos and drawings using HTML5.
  • Do animation using CSS3.
  • Use media queries to get output in multiple devices.
  • About browser support for different tags.
  • Build Real World Websites to a highly professional degree.
  • Master HTML5 and CSS3 to an advanced level.
  • Confidently design, code, validate and launch Websites Online.


  • Any newbie who want to make a career in front end development can learn this course.
  • Professional can also take our advanced HTML5 course.



The content of HTML-CSS training course is as below:

Training Schedule – HTML-CSS Training Course

Introduction to HTML
  • Basic HTML.
  • Why and Scope of HTML.
  • Doctype.
  • HTML Tags.
  • HTML Attributes.
  • HTML Meta tag.
  • HTML Headings.
  • HTML Paragraphs.
  • HTML Comments.
  • Hyperlinks.
  • HTML Images.
  • Tables.
  • Colspan
  • Rowspan
  • Order List & Unorder List.
  • IFrames.
  • Forms.
  • HTML Input Fields – textbox, Radio button, Checkboxes, Passwords, Combo Box, Textarea.
  • HTML Input Types – text, number, file, email, date picker, color picker, button, submit.
Features in HTML5
  • Doctype declaration and character encoding.
  • Semantics and markup.
  • New semantic tags.
  • New And Updated Elements.
  • Structural Elements.
  • New Attributes.
  • Video, Audio and codecs.
  • Canvas.
  • SVG.
HTML Forms
  • New Input Types.
  • New Attributes.
  • Setting form autofocus.
  • Using placeholder data.
  • Marking required fields.
  • Working with number inputs.
  • Using date picker.
  • Form Validation.
  • Browser Support.
Introduction to CSS
  • Basic CSS.
  • Why and Scope of CSS.
  • CSS for Web Based Application.
  • Syntax.
  • Inline CS.
  • Internal CSS.
  • External CSS.
  • Classes and IDs.
  • Div and Span.
  • Background.
  • CSS Comments.
  • Selectors.
  • Combinators.
  • Borders.
  • Rounded corners.
  • Box Model.
  • Text shadows.
  • Box shadows.
  • Floating.
  • Positioning.
  • Text Decoration.
  • Text Align.
  • Text Font.
  • Font Styles.
  • Google Fonts.
  • Text Effects.
  • Image Sprites.
  • Image hover effects.
  • Styling Lists.
  • Styling Links.
  • Styling Table.
  • Display Properties.
  • Gradients.
  • Transitions.
  • Z-index.
  • Overflow.
  • Psudo class.
  • Psudo elements.
  • Opacity.
Gradients and
Multiple Backgrounds
  • Linear gradients.
  • Radial Gradients.
  • Background images.
  • Background size.
Transformations and
  • Transformations: translate, scale, rotate.
  • Transitions: property, duration, timing.
  • Animation.
Media Queries
  • Targeting multiple devices.
  • Targeting different screen sizes.
Professional Project Work
  • Create a dynamic website using all the concepts learnt.
  • Work on a live project.
  • Header : You will build the header section of your website using HTML and style using CSS.
  • Menu : We will teach you to create the website menu and decorate it.
  • Sidebars : In this lecture, you will add sidebars and fill them with lists and use CSS to style them.
  • Footer : We will add a footer to your website.
Total Training Hrs 24
Batches Weekdays (Morn/Even)
Week Ends

We emphasize on practical sessions rather than theory. This HTML-CSS training in Mumbai course coupled with Javascript and Jquery course will help students to get an easy entry into a career in front-end web development.



  • At the end of the HTML-CSS training course in Mumbai, you will get a Certification from us which will be very helpful for you in your future.



  • At TryCatch Classes, we provide 100% Placement Assistance in Mumbai. We provide interview questions along with forwarding your Resumes to many Companies.


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HTML Training In Mumbai

Learn to make websites with Try-Catch Classes. We emphasize on practical sessions rather than theory.

Make websites in 1 day. Get the best teaching facility at our institute. Get live projects and see your projects online on other websites too. Also get a certificate after completion of your web designing course.

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Batch Timing

Weekdays & Weekend Batch.

1st Batch : 7 am to 9.30 am.

2nd Batch : 10 am to 1 pm.

3rd Batch : 2 pm to 4.30 pm.

4th Batch : 5 pm to 7 pm.

5th Batch : 7 pm to 9.30pm.


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