IOS Training Course In Mumbai

IOS Training Course In Mumbai | Learn iOS Application Development.

No 1 Institute for hands-on IOS training course in Mumbai. At TryCatch, we provide one-on-one training in IOS. We practise a lot with our students. So making projects on IOS is what we concentrate on. In addition, we also provide corporate training in iphone applications. This type of corporate style training is never been taught at any IOS classes in Mumbai. That is why, TryCatch Classes is the best IOS training Institute in Mumbai.

Get a chance to work on live projects with us in IOS app development.

Learn iOS Developement XCODE Apps Job Mumbai Trycatch ClassesWhy To Learn IOS?

IOS is the modern day lifesaver. It makes our life so much easier with the help of just 1 click on our cell phones. IOS apps have the biggest demand in the IT industry. There are very few IOS application developers in the world. These apps are made in ‘Objective C’ or ‘Swift’. On the other hand, the tutorials on how to make ios applications are rather very confusing. So just to make it simpler for you, we provide a 32 hour practical-only training course on making IOS app.


At the end of this IOS training course in Mumbai, you will be able to:

  • Code effortlessly and learn to make different kinds of applications.
  • Make ios apps using Swift.
  • Learn how to use web services.


When you learn IOS with us, you get to :

  • Learn how to use camera, gps, microphone, etc.
  • Code social media integration into the app.
  • Work on live projects.


  • Anyone can learn IOS without any prior knowledge. We will teach you from scratch to a level where you will become an advance IOS developer.


1. State of the art features.

2. Easy to make widgets and layouts.

3. Quick and easy to use.

4. Get Internships with TryCatch Classes.

5. Live Projects and Placements.



The content of IOS training in Mumbai course is as below.

Training Schedule – IOS Training Course

Module 1:
  • Applications & Uses.
  • How the world makes IOS applications.
  • Frequently asked questions.
Module 2:
XCode 10 & Swift 4.2
  • Introduction.
  • Xcode Versions.
  • Downloading & Installing Xcode.
  • Navigating The Xcode Interface.
  • Adding TextField to Your App.
  • Adding TextView to Your App.
  • Add Image to Your App.
  • Adding ActivityIndicator to Your App.
  • Interacting with Button.
  • Adding SegmentControl to Your App.
  • Adding Stepper.
  • Add Label.
  • Adding Switch.
  • Adding ProgressBar to Your App.
  • Add PickerView to Your App.
  • Adding WebView to App.
  • Programmatically/Storyboard adding UIControls.
  • Assignment.
Module 3:
Swift 4.2 Deep Dive

(Using Playgrounds)
  • Swift Playgrounds.
  • Introducing Variables.
  • Array & Dictionaries.
  • If Statements.
  • App – How Many Fingers.
  • While Loops.
  • For Loops.
  • Classes & Objects.
  • Auto Layout.
  • App – Is It Prime ?
  • Assignment.
Module 4:
  • Creating Basic Listing App.
  • Configuring data with default tableview cell types.
  • Configuring data with custom tableview cells.
  • Use of multiple tableview cell designs in one tableview.
  • Working with Multiple sections.
  • Display header and footer view.
  • Customizing header and footer view.
  • Handling row selection with multiple sections.
  • Creating drop down tableview.
  • Passing data from tableview to another screen.
  • Handling buttons action on tableview rows.
  • Reuse tableview cells on other screens.
  • What is accessorytype in cell.
  • Projects : state – city listing , food recipe app , whatsapp , Maths Table.
Module 5:
  • Creating Basic Grid-Based App.
  • Configuring custom collectionview cells.
  • Use of different layout cells in one collectionview.
  • Handling grid selection in multiple sections.
  • Displaying header and footer view in collectionview.
  • Creating App tutorial using uicollectionview using pagination.
  • Displaying data horizontally and vertically.
  • Projects : My Rashifal , Netflix.
Module 6:
  • Creating Navigation based app.
  • Handling navigation bar in multiple screens.
  • Adding navigation item on screens and adding actions.
  • Customizing navigation bar.
Module 7:
  • Creating Tab based app.
  • Customizing tab bar item icons and titles.
  • Managing different screens in tab bar.
  • Use of navigationcontroller in tabbarcontroller.
  • Display UITabbar only in viewcontroller.
Module 8:
Advanced iOS Features
  • Navigation Bars.
  • App – EggTimer.
  • Storing Data Permanently.
  • Playing with Timer.
  • ImagePicker View.
  • Multiple View Controllers.
  • Controlling the Keyboard.
  • App – To Do List.
  • Downloading Web Content.
  • Manipulating Strings.
  • App – What’s The Weather.
  • Assignment.
Module 9:
Animation, Games,
Maps & Geo-location,
  • Animation Part I.
  • Animation Part II.
  • Integrating Maps Into Your Apps.
  • Adding User Annotations To Maps.
  • Finding A User’s Location.
  • App – Location Aware.
  • Working With Audio.
  • App – Back To Bach.
  • Swipes & Shakes.
  • Assignment – Music Player.
Module 10:
Core Data,
Advanced Web Content,
Json Data & Webviews
  • Introducing Core Data.
  • Advanced Core Data.
  • Downloading Images From The Web.
  • APIs & JSON Data.
  • Blog Reader.
Module 11:
Submitting Your App
To The App Store
  • A Paid Developer Account.
  • Certificates And Profiles.
  • iTunes Connect.
Module 12:
Extras: iOS Special
  • App Analytics.
  • Fire base deep dive.
  • Google Admob.
  • Git Hub Source Control.
  • Pod Introduction.
  • Facebook/Google Login.
Module 13:
Intro to iOS
11 Special Features
  • ARKit Basics
  • CoreML
Module 14:
Push Notifications
  • Understanding Push
  • Certificates
  • Our First Push
Module 15:
How To Make Money
With iOS
  • Introduction.
  • Working For a Company.
  • Freelancer.
Live Projects
  • Work on live projects with us.
Total Training Hrs 40
Batches Weekdays (Morn/Even)
Week Ends


placement guarantee in android PLACEMENT GUARANTEE:

We offer 100% placement guarantee in IOS COURSE and that is why we are the no 1 IOS training classes in Mumbai. At TryCatch Classes, we train students for interviews and offer placements in corporate companies. Most of all, we make you capable of creating difficult applications too.

Google Developers Certification Course CERTIFICATION:

At the end of the ios training course in Mumbai, you will get a Ios Certification from us which will be very helpful for you in your future.

Android Education Leader AWARDS:

TryCatch Classes has been awarded multiple times as the “Most Promising Software Training Institute in Maharashtra” and “Social Impact Award for Outstanding Contribution to Indian Education System” at Education Leadership Awards.




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